Benefits of Sleeping!

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If you look at youth and make an average on how many of them are physically fit & agile, the result will knock you out of mind giving you a feeling of disgust and fear. Most of us who are in our late 20s have some level of disease or health issues and it is not a good sign. Be it obesity or heart issues, we are now familiar with all these gruesome diseases at such young age. There can be many reasons for such issues, irregular habits, bad diet or inadequate sleep, list is endless. Out of the 3 reasons mentioned, irregular sleeping habits is one which affects our body the maximum, yet we don’t pay attention to it.

Lets us therefore discuss some of the benefits of proper sleeping habits. Hope you all pay attention to it.

  • Protect your heart. Today most of the heart attack at 30s is a common phenomenon. We live such a stressful life that we don’t understand when and how stress leads to heart attacks and stoke. What adds fuel to fire is inadequate sleep at night. We must sleep for 6-7 hours at night to protect our heart and mind. Start following it from today.
  1. Avoid working in nights – thanks to call center culture; we are working 24 *7 thus resulting in occurrence of cancer. When we are working at nights, light is constantly affecting our hormone which produces sleep, thus leading to colon cancer. Incase you need to work at night, make sure you come back and sleep in a dark room so that your body produces the hormone required for sleep.
  • Part of every weight loss program – if you go to a gym or a doctor, the 1st then they would recommend is 8 hours of sleep. If you don’t sleep properly, your appetite will go wrong, thus leading to obesity. Sleep is important for digestive system so unless we sleep for 7-8 hrs, our diet plan is not effective.
  • Fights stress – most of us are stressful because we have not slept well the previous night. Our mind needs rest at night so it becomes imperative that you give it the much needed rest at night. I suffer from high blood pressure because I am an insomniac. If mind deprived of its share of rest, blood circulation will be irregular, leading to high BP and stroke. Sleep protects our mind and controls our blood circulation.
  • Feeling of well being – if you wake up after a good night sleep, you feel happy and chirpy. It gives you a sense of well being. You are active at work, your mind functions properly and you are in a good mood. On other hand if you have not slept well, you are more likely to be irritated, tired and inefficient at work. Am sure you won’t choose the 2nd option.

I have always neglected the importance of sleeping at night. Even now as I write the article it’s 1 am. But after today I am going to make a sincere effort of taking good care of my body and it begins with sleeping well a night. I want to lead a healthy life so am making a move. Are you ready? Say yes before it’s too late.