How to get over a Crush – 18 ways

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This article is written for those people who have a crush AND the opposite number didn’t share the same feelings. So you want to get over your crush –  but are just a confused bundle of emotions.  Well relax, take a deep breath and get parctical about the whole thing.  Following are some simple practicle steps you could take to get back your sanity and maybe some respect and dignity as well.

Remember: You may have had a crush on anybody – old friend, classmate, workmate, teacher, elder sisters friend or simply the girl at the bus-stop you religiously wait for everyday. Its okay, just read on and maybe you will get some help.


  • Realization – Accept the fact that it happened and promise yourself you will get it out of it soon.
  • Don’t worry about things you couldn’t  help –  Don’t think about the things which was not in your hands. (Ex – To make you his/her crush, to make him/her concentrate only in you.
  • Admit you had a Crush not Love – Don’t start thinking that it happened because something was less in you. If you start thinking about the reasons regarding why you were rejected – then you would be nothing but harming yourself. Give time to yourself neither you can be 1 more Romeo/Juliet.
  • Don’t stay alone – This is the most dangerous thing you can do – this can make you feel more sad. Instead go out with your friends/try attending some parties (Ex – NightClubs). Or Focus on your other interests
  • Move on –  GO OUT FROM YOUR HOUSE!Remember it was just a crush no matter it was for long or no matter how strong it was.
  • Memories – When you start remembering the good times you had with your crush, immediately start focusing on some other things. (Ex-Move out from that room & sit in the room where your parents/cousins are, Play games, Work a bit).
  • Be Honest – Tell them about the crush. It will make you feel relaxed and you wont sleep with a heavy heart.
  • Avoid anger – They didn’t do anything wrong and getting angry on them might lower down your respect especially in front of them and your other friends. It’s a fact that is not there fault that they are not attracted to you.
  •  Understand that it was good that it happened now – Think if you both would have broke up when you both would have went in a strong friendship/relationship.
  • It’s not intelligence to keep hoping that they will one day feel the same – Cmmon you are not in love…It was just a crush!!!
  • Instead of dreaming about how great things could have been with your crush, GO PICK SOMEONE ELSE – You’ve have probably dreaming about them from a long time. Its time to stop dreaming!
  • Avoid all eye contact – Don’t stare at them not at all.
  •  Maintain some type of distance – If you are near to your crush many things can happen (OLD MEMORIES/MORE ATTRACTION), so avoid. If the person is near either go somewhere else or continue your normal activities.
  • Remember that this person is not the end of the World – There are more Hot people in this World! 
  • Go to the gym and work out. Get your mind off of it and feel better about yourself.
  • Make an exciting change to make you feel sexy. Treat your self to a hair-cut, or a new outfit. Make yourself feel confident.
  • Erase his/her name anywhere you might have written it – (Ex – Your notebook, your laptop wallpaper, on your bedsheet etc.). This happens a lot of times in your crush.
  • Learn from the experience and come out stronger.

Some Tips:

  • If you are upset after finding out they don’t like you, talk to someone you trust, like a friend or counselor, about how you feel. Tell them how you’re hurt and ask for advice. Holding things in makes you depressed, and that can make everything much worse.
  • Do not listen to love songs or slow songs. It can cause you to become sad.
  • You have to remember that your crush for a boy/girl will just come and go. And if you kept thinking about him/her, just say this to yourself “There is not only one but many fishes in the water.”
  • Don’t jump into another serious friendship too soon. Date for fun, date someone you normally wouldn’t have been interested in, have some fun as a single person. Seeing that there are plenty of people out there who want to be with you will help you move on and feel better about yourself.
  • Don’t let your self-esteem drop. You are still a wonderful person who deserves to be loved; this just wasn’t the one who could love you in that way. You will find many though who can. So keep faith in yourself!
  • Don’t talk to them when you’re under the influence of alcohol. You will say something you regret.

If you still have something on your mind, do not hesitate, you may write your problem and we would try to solve it!!