How to make money online

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Have you ever wondered who writes all the information that you find at the click of a button on the Internet? Has it ever struck how all the information you needed on Share market broking was on that particular blog by a particular person? Who seemed to be an expert at Marketing. And DID IT EVER STRUCK YOU THAT WHAT DO THESE PEOPLE WHO PROVIDE INFORMATION GET IN RETURN? Do they work for free?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a yes, you are Sir on the correct Page. And like all those people if you have a expertise on a particular field, a bit of flair for writing. You can actually monetize your knowledge by putting up and sharing your knowledge with others on the Internet. Let me give you a brief insight on how all this stuff works-

 1. First of all you will need a domain name where you can put up your articles. Now, this is tricky and you have two options here. Firstly you can sign up with different websites like blogger.com tumblr.com or wordpress.com which will allow you to have a domain name like www.(Name).blogspot.com, www.(Name).tumblr.com, www.(Name).wordpress.com. This may be recommended for beginners as no investment is required in this case. But here the income will be a bit less as compared to owning your domain name as BlogSpot or word press or whichever free blogging service you are using will keep a share of the revenue.

 You can otherwise also opt to your own domain name like www.yourdomainname.com but here you will have to buy this name. You will also have to pay hosting charges to the server which will keep your data and will have to the entire designing part of the website yourself. A bit of programming language will be useful but anyways you can also buy readymade designed professional themes for your own website online as well.

2. Next point now is putting up articles. One should always choose a topic in which one is comfortable to write and has a considerable degree of knowledge. One can provide free dance tips or free guitar lessons or stock market ideas or his own views on politics.  It can be anything but for long term benefit should be original in all respects.

3. Now comes the actual step in which your content is monetized. You will earn by putting up ads of different companies on your website and the higher the Google search rating of your website judged by Google’s website tracking, the better your ad contracts terms will be. The best and easiest way here is too apply for GOOGLE ADSENSE program.

Google Ad sense- Google being worlds Internet Giant gets ads to display from all sorts of companies from all sorts of places. If you apply for Google ad sense Google will place ads on your website and you will be paid depending on the no of clicks on those ads. But remember Google can determine very easily that if you are trying to forge by clicking ads yourself through its tracking technology and once found guilty you will be banned forever from Google Ad sense. Making a Google ad sense a/c is very easy and majority of Blogs and websites in INDIA earn money through this way. You will be receiving a cheque every month delivered in your home from Google after applying for his program as Google will give you a share of the revenue it got from the people whose ads were put up.

4. Keep promoting your website, keep following up with comments and reply to others’ comments and keep generating more and more content. A good website with good content is bound to earn money in the long term.

Moreover if you own the domain name (i.e. if you bought it in the first place), you can even sell it at a much higher price after you have developed your domain with nice content and made it popular and a high revenue earning domain. Thus the domain you buy is also a big investment. Just imagine what was the price of the address www.google.com before it was what it is today and what is its today.

Always remember every site you ever visited on net is for a monetary benefit. Google earns by putting up ads and so does facebook. And every time you add a friend to facebook, you are adding to Mike Zukeberg’s fortune. Every time you searched on Google you made the company earn a bit of amount even if as low as say one tenth of a paisa.

And so right now it’s your turn to earn money from the net. All the best.