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India is one of the most competitive markets for smartphone brands. The number of smartphone users in India is about 400 million resulting in the rapid growth of smartphone sales and thus several brands target the Indian market at very attractive prices, especially brands like Xiaomi and Realme.

Last month, India’s Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman, announced an increase in the GST rate on mobile phones and specified parts in comparison to the previous rate of 12% GST, the new applicable rate is 18%.

As a result of this hike, smartphone makers have left with no alternative option rather than to increase the prices of smartphones and accessories. Xiaomi, India’s largest smartphone seller, has already confirmed its intention to increase the prices of the phone citing the increase in GST rate and the poor performance of the Rupee. In an open letter to its patrons, Xiaomi announced that it will be increasing its prices.

BrandModelOld Price with 12% GSTNew Price with 18% GST% Increased Increased
XiaomiRedmi K20 Pro 6GB/128GB24,99926,9998.00
 Redmi K20 Pro 8GB/256GB27,99929,9997.14
 Redmi K20 6GB/64GB19,99921,99910.00
 Redmi K20 6GB/128GB22,99924,2995.65
 Redmi Note 9 Pro Max 6GB/64GB14,99916,49910.00
 Redmi Note 9 Pro Max 6GB/128GB16,99917,9995.88
 Redmi Note 9 Pro Max 8GB/128GB18,99919,9995.26
 Redmi Note 9 Pro 4GB/64GB12,99913,9997.69
 Redmi Note 9 Pro 6GB/128GB15,99916,9996.25
 Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB/64GB13,99915,99914.29
 Redmi Note 8 Pro 6GB/128GB15,99916,9996.25
 Redmi Note 8 Pro 8GB/128GB17,99918,9995.56
 Redmi Note 8 4GB/64GB9,99910,99910.00
 Redmi Note 8 6GB/128GB12,99913,9997.69
 Redmi Note 7 Pro 4GB/64GB9,99910,99910.00
 Redmi Note 7 Pro 6GB/64GB10,99912,99918.18
 Redmi Note 7 Pro 6GB/128GB11,99913,99916.67
 Redmi Note 7S 3GB/32GB8,9999,99911.11
 Redmi Note 7S 4GB/64GB9,99911,99920.00
 Redmi 8 4GB/64GB8,1998,9999.76
 Redmi 8A 2GB/32GB6,4996,9997.69
 Redmi 8A 3GB/32GB6,9997,4997.14
POCOPOCO X2 6GB/64GB15,99916,9996.25
 POCO X2 6GB/128GB16,99917,9995.88
 POCO X2 8GB/256GB19,99920,9995.00
RealmeRealme X50 Pro 6GB/128GB37,99939,9995.26
 Realme X50 Pro 8GB/128GB39,99941,9995.00
 Realme X50 Pro 12GB/256GB44,99947,9996.67
 Realme X2 Pro 6GB/64GB27,99929,9997.14
 Realme X2 Pro 8GB/128GB29,99931,9996.67
 Realme X2 Pro 12GB/256GB33,99935,9995.88
 Realme X2 4GB/64GB16,99917,9995.88
 Realme X2 6GB/128GB18,99919,9995.26
 Realme X2 8GB/128GB19,99920,9995.00
 Realme X 4GB/128GB16,99917,9995.88
 Realme X 8GB/128GB19,99920,9995.00
 Realme 6 Pro 6GB/64GB16,99917,9995.88
 Realme 6 Pro 6GB/128GB17,99918,9995.56
 Realme 6 Pro 8GB/128GB18,99919,9995.26
 Realme XT 4GB/64GB15,99916,9996.25
 Realme XT 8GB/128GB18,99919,9995.26
 Realme 6 4GB/64GB12,99913,9997.69
 Realme 6 6GB/128GB14,99915,9996.67
 Realme 6 8GB/128GB15,99916,9996.25
 Realme 5 Pro 4GB/64GB12,99913,9997.69
 Realme 5 Pro 6GB/64GB13,99914,9997.14
 Realme 5 Pro 8GB/128GB15,99916,9996.25
 Realme 5 3GB/32GB8,9999,4995.56
 Realme 5 4GB/64GB9,99910,4995.00
 Realme 5 4GB/128GB10,99911,4994.55
 Realme 5i 4GB/64GB8,9999,99911.11
 Realme 5i 4GB/128GB9,99910,99910.00
 Realme C3 3GB/32GB6,9997,4997.14
 Realme C3 4GB/64GB7,9998,4996.25
SamsungGalaxy S2066,99970,5005.23
 Galaxy S20+73,99979,9007.97
 Galaxy S20 Ultra92,99997,9005.27
 Galaxy Z Flip109,999115,8905.36
 Galaxy Note 1069,99973,6005.14
 Galaxy Note 10+ 12GB/256GB79,99984,2005.25
 Galaxy Note 10+ 12GB/512GB89,99994,7005.22
 Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB/128GB38,99941,0005.13
 Galaxy Note 10 Lite 8GB/128GB40,99943,1005.12
 Galaxy S10 Lite 8GB/128GB39,99942,1425.36
 Galaxy S10 Lite 8GB/512GB44,99947,3005.11
 Galaxy A7129,99931,5005.00
 Galaxy A5123,99925,2505.21
 Galaxy M31 6GB/64GB15,99916,8565.36
 Galaxy M31 6GB/128GB16,99917,9105.36
 Galaxy M30s 4GB/64GB13,99914,7495.36
 Galaxy M30s 4GB/128GB14,99915,8035.36
 Galaxy M30s 4GB/128GB15,99916,8565.36
 Galaxy M21 4GB/64GB13,49914,2225.36
 Galaxy M21 4GB/64GB15,49916,3295.36
OPPOReno3 Pro (Global)29,99031,9906.67
 Reno2 Z25,99027,4905.77
 Reno2 F21,99023,4906.82
VivoVivo U2017,99019,99011.12
 Vivo S1 4GB/128GB15,99017,99012.51
 Vivo S1 6GB/64GB17,99019,99011.12
 Vivo S1 Pro 8GB/128GB18,99020,99010.53
 Vivo V17 8GB/128GB22,99024,9908.70
iQOOiQOO 3 4G 8GB/128GB36,99038,9905.41
 iQOO 3 4G 8GB/256GB39,99041,9905.00
 iQOO 3 5G 12GB/256GB44,99046,9904.45
AppleiPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB111,200117,1005.31
 iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB125,200131,9005.35
 iPhone 11 Pro Max 512GB143,200150,8005.31
 iPhone 11 Pro 64GB101,200106,6005.34
 iPhone 11 Pro 256GB115,200121,3005.30
 iPhone 11 Pro 512GB133,200140,3005.33
 iPhone 11 64GB64,90068,3005.24
 iPhone 11 128GB69,90073,6005.29
 iPhone 11 256GB79,90084,1005.26
 iPhone XS 64GB89,90094,7005.34
 iPhone XS 256GB103,900109,4005.29
 iPhone XR 64GB49,90052,5005.21
 iPhone XR 128GB54,90057,8005.28
 iPhone 8 64GB40,50042,6005.19
 iPhone 8 128GB45,50047,9005.27
 iPhone 8 Plus 64GB50,60053,3005.34
 iPhone 8 Plus 128GB55,60058,5005.22
Mobiles Price List Brand Wise

We will be adding more devices updates in the above list as soon as we will get updates about their new prices. This effect of an increase in tax cannot be assumed amid COVID-19 lockdown as sales on both offline and online platforms are on hold.

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