What is Ghee – Prepare & Benefits

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What is ghee?

Ghee is resolved butter, the butter oil, without the lactose and other milk product. It is typically ready by softly heat butter until it becomes a crystal clear wonderful fluid. For centuries ghee has been a sign of wealth in India. According to Vedic literature ghee has been referred as “food for brain,” a source of protein and energy. Ghee has an excellent aroma and is so flavorful that you can use half or two-thirds as much as other cooking oils. It has a very high burning point and doesn’t burn or smoke during cooking. It combines excellently with a wide variety of spices. You can use ghee to sauté foods, in baking, to deep-fry, or even as a spread.

How to make ghee?  

Ghee preparation starts from the thick layer of cream which generally formed on the top whenever cow’s milk gets boiled. The cream is removed each day from the milk and stored in refrigerator. When the cream gets collected for many days at first it’s churned using a wooden ladle until the butter gets separated and 3 to 4 cups of water is added to this and the churning process gets over once the residue turns into butter milk.

To make ghee, the butter is usually dissolved in a stainless steel vessel over moderate high temperature. The butter starts to melt, forming white bubbles on top. It is then boiled, stirring occasionally and the bubbles begin to thin slowly and the color of butter changes to a pale yellow shade. Then it is cooked on low warm until it changes a wonderful coloring. The residue settles down at the end and the ghee, which is now clear, wonderful and clear with a fresh fragrance. The ghee is then filtered, and it will become solid when it’s completely cools down.

Health benefits of ghee?

Digestion: Ghee allows balance excess gastric acid, and allows maintain/repair the he mucus lining of the stomach.

Modest Burns:  Ghee is said to prevent blisters and skin diseases if applied quickly to affected skin.

Mind: Ghee is said to increases the efficiency of all three aspects of mental functioning — learning, memory and recall.

Nutritional benefits: Due to its fat content, it also absorbs the vitamins from the food it is added to, hence making the vitamins available to the body.

Ayurveda Balance: Ghee balances both Vata (the ayurvedic mind/body operator that controls movement in mind and body) and Pitta (the operator that controls heat and metabolism).

Spiritual use: Ghee created from cow’s milk and has a holy part in Vedic and contemporary Hindu traditions.  Ghee is also used in the Hindu spiritual practice of Aarti and is the major part used for the Hindu votive candle light known as Diya. It is used in marriage and memorials, and for washing Divine Idols during praise. According to the Hindu holy book it is regarded as meals for the divine gods.