Why do people shout so much?

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What’s wrong with human beings, why do they keep on shouting ‘I AM SO BUSY’, as if others have no work to do or we are servants to their arrival? TAG matters a lot at some point of time, you see. They behave as if we are super cool idiots doing nothing in life. What do humans get by underestimating anyone else? How can we judge anyone when we know life and human nature takes a turn everyday?

Speaking in English, wearing fewer clothes, or having a big car, dancing on stage cannot make one broad minded oopz rather modern. I think to be civilize and “modern” we just need to have a good taste about life.

                                               Enjoy till end.

                                             Accept with smile.

                                            Don’t look back.

                                                You have to

                                           Walk for miles!!!!!

Every person is experienced in life in his or her way. We all struggle and fight. We all look at things in our own way. Then why to broadcast it all around the world.

I never got to understand this whole scenario. Just a sentence or comment of ours can put question to someone’s character and then we say we are society, family?

If you dare to speak back you are disobedient and if you keep shut and listen then you turn out to be a stubborn. Nice! At times even tears dare not to test your temper.

Beauty is the MasterCard. Yup”inner beauty”. That actually what Human likes. We got super power, within two minutes we postmortem a person’s heart and they become beautiful? Sharp brains I tell you.

Is this the age gap or show off that come between relations? You can’t trust anyone, not your own family. You never know what they speak about you on your back. All we do is for the sake of this society and I GIVE A DAM TO IT.

We all enjoy the big shows but when said to be the part of same, we back off entertaining it to be as ‘dirt to our society’ though we ourselves are the dirtiest in this society. Well do you mind if I call them ‘rascals’.

Relations, money, competition, degrees, show off and never ending lust……that’s what rules our life. We never think beyond it, oopz.. Humans don’t have time..!!!

All this leads to hatred and I am afraid of the day when I turn out to be a terrorist in my very own home..!!!!!